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Blender Theatre At Gramercy
127 East 23rd St., New York, NY 10010

Venu Type: Concert Hall

Sep 23 Sat    Between The Buried and Me   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Sep 23 Sat    Jake Miller   7:30pm  Find Tickets  
Sep 24 Sun    Sacred Reich   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Sep 25 Mon    Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Sep 26 Tue    NBA Youngboy   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Sep 27 Wed    Tommy London   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Sep 28 Thu    Rose and Rosie   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Sep 29 Fri    Al Murray   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Sep 30 Sat    I Am Rapaport: Stereo Podcast Live   9:00pm  Find Tickets  
Sep 30 Sat    Jacob Sartorius   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 01 Sun    Stiff Little Fingers   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 03 Tue    Whitney Cummings In Conversation With Neal Brennan   7:03pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 05 Thu    The Devil Wears Prada   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 11 Wed    Superjoint Ritual   6:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 12 Thu    Margaret Cho   7:03pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 12 Thu    Margaret Cho   10:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 13 Fri    Atlas Genius   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 14 Sat    The Main Squeeze   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 15 Sun    Jess & Gabriel Conte   2:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 17 Tue    Gabrielle Union: We're Going To Need More Wine   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 18 Wed    Toadies   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 19 Thu    Nekromantix   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 20 Fri    Brooklyn & Bailey   5:03pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 21 Sat    High Valley   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 22 Sun    Soulfly   6:03pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 24 Tue    T-Pain & Smino   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 25 Wed    Turnpike Troubadours   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 26 Thu    Lords Of Acid   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 27 Fri    Demetri Martin   9:03pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 27 Fri    Demetri Martin   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 28 Sat    Demetri Martin   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 28 Sat    Demetri Martin   9:03pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 29 Sun    Tee Grizzley   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Oct 31 Tue    Andy Zaltzman   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Nov 01 Wed    Nothing But Thieves   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Nov 04 Sat    Max   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Nov 08 Wed    Skid Row   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Nov 16 Thu    Dark Desert Eagles - Eagles Tribute   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Nov 17 Fri    Carbon Leaf   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Nov 18 Sat    Revolting Cocks   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Nov 19 Sun    Jia Jia   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Nov 21 Tue    Witt Lowry   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Nov 22 Wed    In Hearts Wake & Fit For A King   6:00pm  Find Tickets  
Nov 26 Sun    Doug Loves Movies Podcast - 12 Guests of Christmas   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Nov 26 Sun    Doug Loves Movies Podcast - 12 Guests of Christmas - 2 Day P   TBD   Find Tickets  
Nov 27 Mon    Doug Loves Movies Podcast - 12 Guests of Christmas   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Dec 02 Sat    Rory Scovel   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Dec 07 Thu    Ashley Blaker   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Dec 15 Fri    Up and Vanished Live   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Dec 16 Sat    Up and Vanished Live   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Dec 28 Thu    The Marcus King Band   11:05pm  Find Tickets  
Dec 29 Fri    The Marcus King Band   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 09 Fri    Rubix Kube   9:00pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 23 Fri    Dirkschneider   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
May 24 Thu    Hammerfall & Flotsam and Jetsam   7:30pm  Find Tickets  

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Blender Theatre At Gramercy

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