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Mercury Lounge
217 East Houston St., New York, NY

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Apr 24 Tue    Red Sun Rising   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 25 Wed    The Sleepwalkers   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 26 Thu    The Dangerous Summer   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 26 Thu    Lindi Ortega   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 27 Fri    Stop Light Observations   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 27 Fri    Oh Pep!   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 28 Sat    Sean Carroll   7:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 29 Sun    The Nuclears   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 29 Sun    Ian Flanigan   5:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 30 Mon    The Molice   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 30 Mon    Charley Crockett   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 01 Tue    Sic Tic   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 02 Wed    Big Band   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 02 Wed    Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 03 Thu    Lowest Of The Low   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 03 Thu    Patrick Sweany   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 04 Fri    Arc & Stones   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 04 Fri    Peter Wise   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 05 Sat    The Mother Hips   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
May 07 Mon    Downtown Folk Band   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 07 Mon    Varsity   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 08 Tue    Wham City Comedy   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 09 Wed    Mike Pinto   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 09 Wed    Liza Anne   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 10 Thu    The Sherlocks   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 10 Thu    The Bones of J.R. Jones   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 11 Fri    The Brevet   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 11 Fri    Miknna   10:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 12 Sat    Disorder   10:00pm  Find Tickets  
May 12 Sat    Amanda Brown   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
May 14 Mon    Luke Winslow-King   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 16 Wed    Thunderpussy   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 17 Thu    Blue Water Highway Band   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 18 Fri    Shane (iamnotshane)   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 19 Sat    Olden Yolk   7:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 20 Sun    Michael VM   5:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 23 Wed    Robert Finley   7:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 27 Sun    Andrew Bryant Band   5:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 28 Mon    Lillie Mae   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 28 Mon    The Mobros   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 31 Thu    Ruen Brothers   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Jun 07 Thu    Bent Knee   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Jun 08 Fri    Skating Polly   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Jun 09 Sat    Sam Lewis   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Jun 13 Wed    Mondo Cozmo   7:30pm  Find Tickets  
Jun 14 Thu    Juice   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Jun 15 Fri    Stuyedeyed   10:30pm  Find Tickets  
Jun 16 Sat    Tragedy - Bee Gees Metal Tribute   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Jun 21 Thu    Andy Jenkins   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Jun 22 Fri    Tredici Bacci   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Jun 22 Fri    Ocean Alley   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Jun 25 Mon    Youth in a Roman Field   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Sep 07 Fri    Koe Wetzel   10:30pm  Find Tickets  

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