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Mercury Lounge
217 East Houston St., New York, NY

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Feb 20 Tue    Simo   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 20 Tue    Christian Dupree   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 21 Wed    Liz Huett   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 21 Wed    High Pony   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 22 Thu    Hate Without Reason   10:00pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 23 Fri    Yndi Halda   10:30pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 23 Fri    Riz la Vie   7:30pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 25 Sun    Brother Moses   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 25 Sun    Chris Leamy   5:30pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 26 Mon    Joe Wood   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 26 Mon    Tiffany Wilson   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 27 Tue    Grafh   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Feb 28 Wed    Elliot Root   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 01 Thu    Vista Kicks   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 02 Fri    The Wind & The Wave   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 02 Fri    Dylan LeBlanc   6:00pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 03 Sat    CRAIC Fest: Colin Devlin & Natalie Clark   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 06 Tue    Gaz Coombes   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 07 Wed    ˇMayday!   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 07 Wed    Lisa Leblanc   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 08 Thu    Parsonsfield   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 09 Fri    Jessica Lea Mayfield   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 10 Sat    Sepoy   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 13 Tue    Whatever We Are   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 14 Wed    Skrizzly Adams   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 17 Sat    Shane Smith and The Saints & Flatland Cavalry   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 19 Mon    Marmozets   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 20 Tue    Otherwise   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 20 Tue    Red Sun Rising   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 22 Thu    Men I Trust   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 23 Fri    The Rubens   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 23 Fri    Wild Manes   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 24 Sat    Bruce Off Broadway   7:00pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 25 Sun    Robbing Johnny   5:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 26 Mon    The Strypes   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 27 Tue    Courtney Marie Andrews   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 28 Wed    Sylvan LaCue   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 29 Thu    Lostboycrow   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Mar 31 Sat    Chainska Brassika   10:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 03 Tue    Field Report   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 04 Wed    Brent Cobb   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 05 Thu    The Weather Station   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 06 Fri    Negative Gemini   11:59pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 07 Sat    Longwave   7:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 09 Mon    Welles   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 10 Tue    Blanco White   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 13 Fri    The Prince And Michael Experience   11:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 13 Fri    The Lonely Biscuits   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 14 Sat    The Red Party & Skeletal Family   10:00pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 17 Tue    Marie/Lepanto   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 22 Sun    The Slim Kings   8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 22 Sun    Oldsport   5:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 24 Tue    Red Sun Rising   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 26 Thu    Lindi Ortega   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
Apr 27 Fri    Oh Pep!   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 02 Wed    Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 03 Thu    Patrick Sweany   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 09 Wed    Liza Anne   6:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 10 Thu    The Sherlocks   9:30pm  Find Tickets  
May 11 Fri    Miknna   10:30pm  Find Tickets  

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